Welcome to The Curlist Manifesto! I’m Heeral, but you can call me Hairal.  I’m a 30-something mommy, wifey and lawyer, but long before that, I was just a girl obsessed with her hair.
If you have unruly, curly, wavy hair like me, then you know the struggle. Haircare is a battlefield. Some days, you win.  But most days, you lose while hoping that maybe…just maybe….you’ll end up winning the war.  I won one of my most important hair battles when I finally began to embrace my naturally curly and wavy texture last year.
Though I started this blog to document all that I learn on my healthy hair journey, somewhere along the way, I also fell in love with good-for-you skincare and beauty.  Thus, The Curlist Manifesto is where I dish about my quest to take care of the hair and skin I’m in.  A life-long beauty junkie (where my lipstick and curling iron hoarders at?) trying to live better,  I research, test and share what I learn about naturally curly/wavy hair care and cleaner, greener beauty in hopes of spreading self-love vibes to all.
I also like to ramble, so consider yourself warned. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll follow along!