My Favorite YouTube Videos For Wavy and Curly Newbies

While it pains the lawyer and writer in me to accept this, sometimes, words are just not enough.  Over the past few months, I have been fielding more and more questions from my family and friends about wavy and curly hair care.   Most of this is over the phone, so I usually ramble on and then end up texting them a YouTube link as a visual.   Despite my nerdy attempt to write it all out, explaining things like “scrunch out the crunch” or “plop” is often more effectively done than said.

In an effort to point you all to a variety of wavy and curly content that caters to all learning styles,  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite YouTube videos that have helped me over the years, and particularly, over the past year.  From washing and styling tips to repairing damage…these videos have been both informative and inspirational.

So, grab some snacks and get ready to binge on my favorite YouTube videos for wavy and curly newbies!

Maya’s How to Wash & Style Curly Hair

Sigh….this takes me back to the muggy Chicago summer of 2013 that led me to this gem!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with curly hair videos (hi, dad!) videos of chicks washing their hair is an actual thing on YouTube. This one is *a little* extra, I know….but I love what Maya does here.  She gives examples of how to wash and apply products to various curl types, glimpses of the products one might use, and different washing/styling approaches ALL in one place.  The best thing about it is that as you become more and more knowledgeable about curly and wavy hair care and the curly girl method, you’ll realize that some of the same products and methods mentioned here work for all curl types.

Alyson’s My Rotating Routine 

Alyson is so informative, articulate and genuinely into helping wavy haired folks navigate the curly girl method.  She explains things clearly (even the science of curl care and product ingredients) and has really thorough product reviews.  For all new wavies,  give Netflix a break and binge watch all of her videos already or read her tips on jumpstarting your wavy journey!  She has so many informative videos, but I am sharing this one in particular because it taught me the importance of product rotations.  She breaks down how ingredients, weather, and your protein-moisture balance are important things to consider as you understand what products work for you and when you might want to switch it up.

Becky’s Curl’s Squish 2 Condish Method

Becky’s product reviews and demos, both written and on Youtube, have been super helpful to me this year.   She was probably one of the first YouTubers I stumbled upon whose curl pattern looks similar to mine.  From watching her videos, you can really tell that she is passionate about caring for her waves.  Becky does not post as much these days (please come back!) but watching this was the first time I was really able to visualize how to “squish to condish” in order to hydrate and encourage my curls/waves to clump better.   Squish to condish is a hydration game-changer…so, if you haven’t already, please give it a try!  There are many videos on this method of conditioning the hair, but this one stands out because it also shows that you don’t always need high-end products to achieve beautiful results.

Jackie’s Soft and Defined Curls Using the Blueberry Bliss Collection 

After many years of being a summer-time/humid days-only follower of the Curly Girl Method (so, I guess not really a follower…), I finally decided to make a meaningful commitment to my hair in March of this year. Needless to say, like so many newbies, my first few months back onto the Curly Girl Method were awkward and disappointing.

So, when I stumbled upon this video of Jackie’s a few months in, I was like YAAAS.  Sign me the eff up for THIS hair!   Jackie’s curls are insane, and her curly product application and diffusing routines have been so helpful and motivating to me.   If you compare her hair from her earlier videos to her hair now, you’ll see what I mean. She also turned me on to The Curly Co diffuser, which I can’t live without now.  As a mostly-wavy girl with, like, half of the amount of hair that Jackie has, my hair will never, ever look this. But a girl can dream (and learn a thing or two in the process)!

Felicia’s Use Olaplex to REALLY Repair Hair

This is for the real newbies, as everyone in the curl world knows Felicia.  Her hair is BANANAS and her videos are so informative.   Aside from her motivational story and awesome tips, she was also the first person I had heard speak about Olaplex’s capacity to repair damage to curly hair.  Olaplex, unlike a conditioner or protein treatment, is a bond multiplier that reconnects broken disulfide bonds in the hair.  My colorists have always used it on me whilst coloring my hair, but Felicia drops some serious knowledge about Olaplex No. 3 which curlies and wavies (and really anyone) who color can safely use at home.  If you color your hair and/or suffer heat damage, you need to watch this!

Ayesha’s How to Get Healthy Curly Hair

Um, hi, Ayesha, can I live in your hair?  Cool, thanks.  Yes, another beautiful lady with an unbelievable head of hair and a knowledge base to match.  In this video, Ayesha talks about oiling (shout out to the other brown kids who used to run away from their moms and grandmas when they busted out the coconut oil!) and other tips for healthy curls. It’s all true, in my opinion…though, admittedly, I still color my grays and have blown out my hair a few times since March.  Details, right?  While this video is targetted to curly hair, I think all hair types (even straight hair!) can benefit from her healthy hair tips.   Beyond this video, if you like DevaCurl products, she swears by them and has some addictive hair routine videos, too.

Diane Mary’s DevaCut and DevaChon Salon Experience

If you are on the wavier side of the spectrum like me and are at all curious about a DevaCut or dry cutting curly hair, then you’ll enjoy this video.  I love Diane’s product reviews and seeing how much her hair has changed over time.   When I saw this video, I loved her even more because she included useful captioning to help viewers understand each step of the DevaCut process, styling, and drying.

If you plan to wear your hair curly/wavy all of the time, and particularly if you (like me) have an uneven curl pattern, consider getting some kind of dry cut tailored to curly hair.  As an added push to completely cut out using heat going forward, I am getting my first DevaCut in seven years (!) next week and I am so, so excited. Happy dance!

And there you have it!  I wanted to extend the warmest thanks to the aforementioned lovelies for visually showing me the way through their time, passion and dedication to healthy hair! I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

If you are just starting this process and found this post helpful, please let me know in the comments below!   My goal is to add value for you, and so much of that depends on your feedback.  There is so much great content out there, so if you have found other helpful YouTube videos for wavy and curly newbies, I’d love to hear as well, so please comment away!



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